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Dr Udaya Kiran Marelli

Senior Scientist NMR and Peptides... View Profile

Dr Pradip Maity

Senior Scientist Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Physical Organic Chem... View Profile

Dr Jayant Gajbhiye

Senior Scientist Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, ... View Profile

Dr Santhosh Sukumaran

Senior Scientist Control on Optical and Morphological Properties of... View Profile

Dr Utpal Das

Senior Scientist Organic Synthesis, Asymmetric Catalysis, Reaction ... View Profile

Dr Chepuri Ramana

Senior Principal Scientist Total Synthesis, Metal Catalysis, Carbohydrate Che... View Profile

Dr H V Thulasiram

Senior Principal Scientist Biocatalysis, Bioorganic Chemistry, Biosynthesis, ... View Profile

Dr M Muthukrishnan

Senior Principal Scientist Organic Synthesis and Development of New Synthetic... View Profile

Dr G J Sanjayan

Senior Principal Scientist Bioorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Supramo... View Profile

Dr Moneesha Fernandes

Senior Principal Scientist Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry of Nucleic Acid... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Gathalkar

Scientist Entomology, Chemical Ecology, Electrophysiology... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Sawant

Scientist Catalysis and Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry, ... View Profile

Dr Sapna Ravindranathan

Scientist NMR Mehodology and Applications... View Profile

Dr Vincent Paul

Principal Scientist ... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar Beeran

Principal Scientist Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Total Synthesis of Na... View Profile

Dr Asish K Bhattacharya

Principal Scientist Synthetic and Natural Products Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Santosh Mhaske

Principal Scientist Development of Novel Methods/Process and Their App... View Profile

Dr Benudhar Punji

Principal Scientist Organometallic Chemistry, Homogeneous Catalysis, C... View Profile

Dr Ravindar Kontham

Principal Scientist Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Mr Prashant Kunnulal Mane

Principal Scientist Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Dhiman Sarkar

Chief Scientist Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Narshinha P. Argade

Chief Scientist Organic Chemistry... View Profile