Physical and Materials Chemistry

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Dr Durba Sengupta

Senior Scientist Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology, M... View Profile

Dr Atanu Das

Senior Scientist Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Biophysics, P... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Poddar

Senior Principal Scientist Materials Physics and Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sreekumar Kurungot

Senior Principal Scientist PEM Fuel Cells, Electrocatalysis, Batteries, Water... View Profile

Dr T G Ajith Kumar

Senior Principal Scientist NMR Spectroscopy... View Profile

Dr Nithyanandhan Jayaraj

Senior Principal Scientist Organic Photochemistry, Dendrimer Chemistry, Supra... View Profile

Dr Sailaja Krishnamurty

Senior Principal Scientist Computational Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Suresh Gokhale

Senior Principal Scientist Carbon Nanotechnology - Synthesis and Chemical Pro... View Profile

Dr S. A. Mirji

Senior Principal Scientist Physical Science... View Profile

Dr Nayaka G P

Scientist Li-Ion Batteries, Na-Ion Batteries... View Profile

Dr Kirandeep Singh

Scientist Nanotechnology, Magnetism, Thin Films, Multiferroi... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kanawade

Scientist Optics, Photonics, Sensors, Lasers, Spectroscopic ... View Profile

Dr Nayana Vaval

Scientist Theoretical Chemistry / Quantum Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Manjusha Shelke

Principal Scientist Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology... View Profile

Dr Kavita Joshi

Principal Scientist Application of DFT to Materials, Computational Het... View Profile

Dr Kumar Vanka

Principal Scientist Computational & Inorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Arup Kumar Rath

Principal Scientist Material Science, Nanotechnology, Photovoltaic, Li... View Profile

Dr Sayan Bagchi

Principal Scientist Ultrafast Spectroscopy... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Jha

Principal Scientist Biophysical Chemistry, Protein Folding and Aggrega... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Gonnade

Chief Scientist Crystallographer, Solid state chemistry, Crystal E... View Profile